Bridge Electric has a goal of zero lost time accidents for every project we undertake. We want each and every employee to arrive home from work without injury each and every day. Safety is priority number one and will never be sacrificed for productivity. Training is the first step in preventing accidents, and Bridge Electric ensures that all employees are trained in the fundamentals of job site safety when they are hired. Ongoing courses build on these fundamentals ensuring all employees are ready to safely take on almost any task. For those unique situations, our dedicated Safety Officer is able to review and plan a safe approach to the task. Bridge Electric sets the highest standard for safety while also maintaining the belief that it should not be the sole burden of the employee. The company provides, at no cost to the employees, all required non-personal site safety equipment. We arrange and pay for all first aid courses, equipment training sessions, and task safety training classes. Our dedicated Safety Officer actively visits each job site to review the site conditions and any specific issues rising from construction. We seek employee engagement in the safety program and look for feedback on how to improve. We also liaise with BCCSA and WorkSafeBC to ensure we are up to date with the latest legislation and practices. We annually conduct safety audits and are COR certified with ratings consistently in the 90’s. Your well-being is not something that should be taken for granted, so safety shortcuts are NEVER an option.

COR – Health & Safety

COR – Injury Management


COVID-19 presents a unique challenge to our crews as they work diligently alongside the other trades on site to complete our projects On Time. All workers are required to comply with both the general contractor’s safety plan and Bridge’s COVID-19 Safety Plan.

While visiting or working from head office, employee’s and guests are required to follow Granby Group’s COVID-19 Safety Plan. Before entry into the building everyone is required to complete a daily health questionnaire. A QR code is posted at all entry points for fast access to the form.